Record works is an independently owned and operated entertainment super store. Record Works is open late 7 days a week.


Our Commitment to You...

At Record Works, our focus is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction while creating a pleasurable and memorable visit... whether you're buying, selling, trading or just browsing, you are a welcome friend and we appreciate your visit.


What do you pay cash for?
Since 1987 Record Works has paid top dollar for quality used music, movies, and video games. This means LPs, CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, all video games and video game consoles.
How much do you pay?
We pay top dollar for every piece brought in. We buy entire collections and never "cherry pick". No collection Is too large and you can take cash and go or, if you wish, take an extra 30% in store credit to spend with us. Every buy is unique but we guarantee your satisfaction.
Do you carry NEW items or just used?
Although our inventory is primarily used, we carry a large amount of NEW inventory as well.
What if I’m looking for something special?
We fill all special orders fast and efficiently. Typical arrival time is between 2 days and one week. We can find you any piece available and our prices will please!
Can you fix scratched discs?
We sure can. We have the newest resurfacing machine available and can fix scratches in all disc formats including Blu-rays. The cost for this service is $3.99 and it takes minutes to complete with no appointment required.
How would you recommend cleaning my vinyl albums?
In a perfect scenario, every vinyl lover would own a professional grade record cleaning machine complete with a powerful vacuum for dirt extraction and drying. Since this is not the case, a manual approach must be taken which is much more cost effective and still fairly quick. Although there is much discussion about the best way to clean vinyl, it has been our experience, after almost 29 years, to use this simple solution:

• 50/50 mix of distilled water and denatured alcohol
• A few drops of blue dawn dish soap
• a standard 500 ml spray bottle

Lay the vinyl on a soft towel and spray one side with the mixture. Using a microfiber cloth, wipe the album along the grooves in a circular motion. Flip the record over and repeat on side 2. Because of the quick drying nature of the alcohol, you should find that when you flip the record back over, the first side will be completely dry.