For The Record: Collectors, One and All!

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November 23, 2016
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For The Record: Collectors, One and All!

We are all collectors. Whether we fully realize or acknowledge it, we are defined and shaped by the memories we have accumulated. Our memories constitute the collected patchwork, create the “quilts” that we call our lives. They are a testament to who and what we are; perhaps even serve as the foundations of what we hope to achieve or become. In many ways, they are proof of our very existence. Think about it, where would we be, what would we be, if all our life’s memories suddenly vanished; were permanently wiped clean. The prospect is almost too frightening to ponder.

Most of us have very distinct memories when it comes to the music in our lives. Certain songs trigger such strong feelings in us that they seem to be in Technicolor. You find yourself, once again, behind the wheel of your first car or chumming with the group of friends you hung with in high school. Perhaps even once again feel the haunt of an old flame. The lists are as endless and varied as they are personal.

There was a time that if you owned music it was formatted on “a record” and nowhere else. A “new release” by a favorite group meant that a new album of theirs was about to hit the shelves of the record stores. or in the record store section of a department store, and if you wanted it you bought the LP. Tapes came in electrical or scotch, “streaming” involved water and fishing poles, and a CD were consecutive letters in the English alphabet. Vinyl, and only vinyl, was where it was at.

While technology has drastically changed the way music is recorded and in the way we listen to it. Most newly recorded music is now available almost instantly, and can be downloaded into many easy to use personal “devices”. This, for the most part, is all for the good. However, there has been a price paid for all of these efficient but somewhat cold “advancements”. Gone (for the most part) are the days when you would, could, physically hold the new, much-anticipated album by a favorite group in your hands, bring it home, carefully open it up and load it onto your turntable. You would then gently place the stylus on the album and hear the “pop” as the speakers came to life. You were very close, but the anticipation only grew. Gone too are the days when you could read the song lyrics, or get lost in its beautiful artwork on the cover(s), occasionally gatefold, that housed and accompanied your musical purchase, and do it all while listening to and experiencing the new music for the first time. The incredible cover of The Beatles Seargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band is a perfect example here.

An important part of The Record Works experience is tapping into this very area. The store stocks hundreds of vintage LPs. They range from Classic and Rare to the more widely released. The vast selection has something for the both the serious collector to the novice; a perfect place to expand your collection or just get one started.

All of the product is fully guaranteed. Many of the LPs are only $1, priced to move, yet may contain many of the “gems” that mean more to you, for any number of reasons, than many million sellers could ever hope to match.

The very stuff that creates and fuels our life’s memories!

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