Calling ALL Disney Fans… Did you know?

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November 18, 2016
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November 23, 2016
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Calling ALL Disney Fans… Did you know?

Feeling the need to share knowledge on Walt Disney; things that some of you may not know about Disney movies.

“The Disney Vault”… Not many people understand or know how the Walt Disney Vault works. The “Vault” is a term used only by Walt Disney. Each Disney film is available for purchase for a limited time, after which time, it is “put in the vault”, and not made available for several years. Disney’s practice for re-releasing it’s animated films (from the vault) in theaters every 10 years began with 1937’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The Walt Disney company itself states that this process is done to control their market and to allow Disney films to be fresh for new generations of young children. The Disney DVDs that return to the vault then become collectables and then can only be purchased on auction websites in excess of their original retail price.

Does anyone ever get tired of watching Disney movies? Watching them over and over means we start noticing the clever little references and inside jokes that Disney animators hide for us Walt Disney fans to find. These are called “Easter Eggs”. Easter eggs are mostly found in movies or video games with many hidden messages in their movies.

A few Easter Egg examples are:

• The crocodile from Peter Pan is seen backstage during the Goofy Movie concert
• Mickey Mouse can be found in the crowd during the Goofy Movie
• Jock, from Lady and the Tramp helps the pups escape in 101 Dalmatians
• Mickey, Goofy and Aladdin can be seen in the crowd while King Triton comes in on his seahorse in The Little Mermaid
• The Peddler, at the beginning of Aladdin was supposed to be revealed as the Genie. That is why Robin Williams did the voice of both “The Peddler” and “The Genie”

These are just a few of Walt Disney’s hidden messages located in their movies. There is still so many secrets and hidden messages to be found in Disney movies so Disney fans need to keep your eyes open for those hidden easter eggs.

And never forget, you’re NEVER too old to love Disney!

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